I just want to tell you I absolutely love the Linziclip. It is the best hair clip I have ever purchased and I need more. I'm able to wear it when my hair is wet or dry and it won't move the whole time I'm wearing it. All my other hair clips do not stay in if I use them while my hair is already dry.
Neena Bender, UK

I have never found a hair clip that can take on all my hair, all day, even during and after swimming without needing to be adjusted and I am so excited to have found your product! I'm now an addict!
Mary Waisbrot, USA

I am so impressed with the maxi linziclip I have purchased from Claire’s. They are by far the best clip I have used for holding my hair firmly in place. Many thanks.
Paula Mountain , UK

I am a real fan of the Linziclip.
Heather Boughton, UK

I was on holiday last week in sunny Blackpool reading my Cosmo mag when I came across the article featuring your cool invention. Well I had to have one! Well done, its great!
Emily Wells, UK

I recently purchased one clip and I'm delighted that it holds my hair in place securely "all day".
Elaine Mackay, UK

I bought six of them. They are great. I am from America myself and have never found a hairclip like this one. My hair is very thick and wavy and nothing seems to hold it like these clips. I love them. These are definitely for keeps and I have been wearing them almost daily since I bought them.
Becky Clark, USA

I just wanted to e mail to say I have just brought 3 from a small chemist in Chislehurst Kent, on recommendation from a colleague who was sporting one this morning. I absolutely love it - have never seen or heard of them til today. So thanks for taking the time to invent a proper hair holding clip!
Louise Fisher, UK

I love your product. I have a few and have used them every day since I purchased them.
Laurie Mitchell Bartlett, USA