After meeting at a party and realising that they had a meeting of minds, Shelley-Anne Salisbury and Lindsey Walker joined forces and set up Linshell.

Following a ‘eureka’ moment while they were trying to pin back their hair with a butterfly clip, they set about completely re-inventing this traditional clamp or claw clip which is worn by almost everyone with long hair. From a Blue Peter beginning of experimenting with the inside of a toilet roll that they sprayed silver and which amazingly enough was accepted when they presented the concept to buyers, the Linziclip® was born.

The Linziclip® is a radical new hair clip which is both more effective in gripping the hair and also more aesthetically pleasing. It has an advanced gripping mechanism that allows the hair to be held more securely in place whilst its unique continuous cylindrical shape neatly covers the spring workings of the clip, making it more attractive.

Lindsey and Shelley were quick to spot the opportunities for the Linziclip’s other unique feature, the ‘blank canvas’ of its cylindrical shape. In a versatile range of colours with seasonal limited edition shades, this area can also accommodate a wide range of designs, patterns or logos, thus opening up enormous new branding opportunities.

They first took their prototype to America where a farsighted distributor was inspired by this truly versatile and innovative hair accessory, and signed up immediately for the USA. Since then, the Linziclip® has been a phenomenal success in America. US retailers believe that it will totally replace the butterfly clip in the near future.

After having prototypes made up, Lindsey and Shelley flew out to a factory in India which they had researched on the internet. This factory was appointed after several days of lengthy negotiations. The highly complex moulds took nine months to develop which entailed several visits to India.

The Linziclip® is now taking the world by storm and is selling in 17 countries worldwide.  In the US and Canada, the Linziclip® is available in American stores such as RiteAid, CVS, Walgreens, and Sallys Beauty. Other retail outlets selling the Linziclip® around the world include Boots, Claire’s Accessories, AS Watson, Ahold and Schlecker.

In addition the Linziclip® is patented in over 50 countries, supported by global patent insurance.